Electrolysis & Advanced Electrolysis

after advanced electrolysis

Electrolysis and advanced electrolysis in Surbiton

Our beauty salon is able to offer a number of highly specialised treatments that many other beauty and therapy centres don’t provide. This is thanks to the additional specialist training that our beauticians have completed. One of the treatments provided is advanced electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the removal of hair through the application of short wave diathermy, galvanic or blend therapy. We offer 15 minute, half hour, 45 minute and hour long sessions. 
high speciality face treatment

Highly specialist treatments

Here at AlisonUrwin Beauty Salon, we can provide red vein, vascular naevi and Campbell de Morgan (cherry spot) removal. This is the process of cauterising fine veins on the face and body. We also carry out skin tag, seborrhoeic keratosis, wart and milia removal treatments.
a lady after electrolysis

Experienced electrologist 

Our competent electrologist gives a free initial consultation to assess your individual needs before commencement of the treatment. You can be assured that sterile, disposable probes are used for each client and treatment.
For advanced electrolysis treatment, call AlisonUrwin Beauty Salon on 
020 8399 2658
or visit our salon in Surbiton.
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